Current Issues  
Settlements, Jerusalem, the Security Barrier,
the Right of Return, and more

The Separation Wall / Security Barrier - p2

The Occupation
   Taking Control of Land
   Dispossession, Exploitation
   Splitting the West Bank
   Restriction of Movement
      Checkpoints, Closed Rds

   Imposition of Siege
   Beatings & Abuse
   Home Demolitions
   Destruction of olive trees
   Medical Care
   Water Crisis

The Settlements
The Settlements, p2
   Settlers' Violence
   Settlers' Violence, p2

The Separation Wall
Another resource to read and download, this from Gush Shalom, 
an Israeli organization in Tel Aviv. Like the AFSC resource on the previous page, it was written a few years ago and much more work has been done on the wall, but the essential issues are the same.
This brochure that helps to explain the Separation Wall can be found at: