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From General Board of Church & Society, United Methodist Church:
Mideast Peace Advocacy Packet for Local Congregations:
Working for a Just and Lasting Peace for Israelis and Palestinians

This excellent advocacy packet was created in response to 2004 General Conference Resolution #312 that states:

"The General Board of Global Ministries, working together with the General Board of Church & Society and interfaith organizations, develop advocacypackets for use in local congregations to promote a just and lasting peace and human rights for all in the region."



Breaking Down the Walls: Report of the Middle East Study Committee to the 219th General Assembly (2010) of the
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
- see the table of contents:

Part One: We Bear Witness 
A. Introduction 
B. Letters to Our Church, Partners, and Engaged Parties
C. Witness of the Scriptures: A Biblical Theological Reflection 
D. Our Witness: “What We Have Seen and Heard”

Part Two: Recommendations

Part Three: Study Materials 
1. Notes from a Humanistic, Liberal Zionist: A Personal Narrative
2. A Plea for Justice: A Historical Analysis 

1. List of Contacts Made by Middle East Study Committee
2. General Assembly Policy Review
3. Presbyterian Panel Survey Results
4. The Amman Call
5. Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth 

download the report at:
(179 pp, 9.4MB)



From Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP):

Church Toolkit for Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking


The Churches for Middle East Peace Church Toolkit (6pp) is designed to assist congregational leaders in planning a worship service, prayer vigil, adult Sunday School series, workshop, panel discussion, advocacy initiative or other community activity by highlighting topics as well as resources for more information.


Obstacles to Peace

A Critical Re-framing of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

by Jeff Halper

April 2005 third edition

    An in-depth analysis of Israel's Matrix of Control detailing the mechanisms through which the Palestinians are kept hostage to Israel's Occupation and the relentless expansion of settlements, by-pass roads, Wall construction, and the emergence of the sytem of bantustans. The powerpoint complements the book, contains maps, and is useful for stimulating discussion in groups.

From Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Download the 118-page book, as a Word document

People versus Oppression:

The Palestinian movement against the Wall and the
settlements under Israeli repression.

A report from, Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign on the nature of the Wall, its construction, what the Palestinian people are doing to resist this oppression and the Israeli government's response to that resistance. Table of Contents:

I.    Introduction
II.  The Wall and the settlements
III. Popular Resistance against the Wall and settlements
IV. The ICJ Opinion and its implications for human rights defenders
V. Forms of Repression
1. Arrests
2. Violence
3. Collective Punishment
4. Case Studies
VI. Global Action: Sucesses and Failures
VII. Calls to Action

Download this report (37pp, 6.9MB)


(more resources coming)


Download Amnesty International's guide for e-activism: extensive advice on how you can change the world through your computer.

E-activism guide in English (pdf, 39pp, 1.7MB)    

Cyberactivismo, español  (pdf, 39pp, 560K)