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More about the Israeli, Shmil Elad, who is quoted here and in the white page just below:

"The fence is a death sentence for the Palestinians," says Shmil Elad. Elad is not a peace activist. He is a settler from Einav, deep inside, and his opinions, he says, are "very right wing." But he mentions the settlement of Salit, next to the villages of a-Ras and Sur. He sees what is now happening to his neighbors, who can't get to their lands, and it upsets him. "This fence is a mistake, it will only exacerbate the problem, it will make people more frustrated. People here want to work, and you are creating more hatred instead of the possibility of living together."
From "A Wall in Their Heart" by Meron Rappaport, May 23, 2003

Another account of what has happened to Qalqiliya because of The Wall:

This map (below) shows the dramatic case of Qalqiliya, which has become a huge prison.
The wall encompasses Qalqiliya completely, leaving one opening guarded by two checkpoints.
the city, once a flourishing centre of commerce, is suffocating.

All in all, the wall has a devastating impact on the lives of some 210,000 Palestinians, living in 67 towns or villages.
11,700 people in 13 villages are imprisoned between the wall and the green line.
At the demand of the Israeli settlers, the wall was moved far further to the east,
to include the settlements of Ariel, Emanuel and Kedumim.
This increases dramatically the number of Palestinians affected by the wall.

The Separation Wall / Security Barrier

The Occupation
   Taking Control of Land
   Dispossession, Exploitation
   Splitting the West Bank
   Restriction of Movement
      Checkpoints, Closed Rds

   Imposition of Siege
   Beatings & Abuse
   Home Demolitions
   Destruction of olive trees
   Medical Care
   Water Crisis

The Settlements
The Settlements, p2
   Settlers' Violence
   Settlers' Violence, p2

The Separation Wall
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International Court of Justice Decision regarding
the Separation Barrier in Occupied Palestinian Territory

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