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"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Elie Wiesel

Janet Lahr Lewis

UM Liaison to Israel and Palestine
Support her work online

Janet Lahr Lewis is a missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church, serving as liason between ecumenical groups and Israel and Palestine.

Focusing on advocacy and activism, Janet's responsibilities are numerous. She is the main contact for VIM teams and United Methodist visitors who wish to follow the recommendation of the General Conference to spend a significant amount of time in the area with local Christians, acting to make those connections with UMC partner organizations and Advance Projects.

Janet circulates updates about developments in the ongoing crisis and suggests courses of action people can take to address it. She educates visitors about the realities of the situation, organizes conferences, develops media campaigns, offers worship opportunities, hosts delegations to the area and oversees other special events.

“After taking a typical Holy Land tour and seeing the devastating consequences of the ongoing illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, I experienced not only a ‘call’, but rather an undeniable ‘push’ to go back to that not-so-holy land and do whatever I could to help bring about ‘freedom for the oppressed,’” Janet shares about her call to mission. She sold her house in the U.S. and volunteered for several years, first in the Galilee, then Bethlehem where she “lived with my neighbors under the heavy hand of injustice and military occupation.”

“Christ calls us all to be ministers of justice,” she explains. “Through my work with the Palestinian Christian community, I will be able to answer this call by working for a just and lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis, so that reconciliation and healing can occur.”

A native of Cleveland, OH, Janet earned an associate degree in civil engineering and architectural design from Lakeland College in Mentor, OH. She studied theater arts at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. Prior to this assignment, Janet worked for ten years with Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem and for two years as executive director of Friends of Sabeel–North America. She served from 1994-1997 as Personal Assistant to Archbishop Elias Chacour, president of Mar Elias Educational Institutions in the Galilee.

Prior to moving to Israel-Palestine, Janet worked as project coordinator and trouble-shooter managing civil engineering and project design at Olds Cast Stone Products in Thompson, OH.

Janet has three adult children, Adam Scott Lahr Lewis, Evan Phillip Lewis, and Tegan Wynn Lewis.

A member of Chardon United Methodist Church in Chardon, OH, Janet has held numerous church offices, including council on ministries chair, youth leader, choir member, mission committee chair, and administrative board member.

There are two primary ways to focus your financial giving: Missions and Advocacy; the latter includes education about the history of the region's conflict and the current issues.  Following are several options for financial giving:

1. Helping the United Methodist Holy Land Task Force continue our educational and advocacy work, such as providing this website, holding events in the Cal-Pac conference and more.

2. Giving to Advances that are endorsed by the United Methodist Church.

3. Supporting the vital work of UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.


Support the educational and advocacy work of:

The United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force

You will have learned about the work of our task force here at our website.

Our work is not funded by the United Methodist Church; it is solely supported by private donations of concerned individuals. 

Therefore, your financial help is greatly needed for:

• maintaining our resource-filled website: monthly fees

• our public events which have begun in the summer of 2010 with "An Evening with David Wildman - UMC Advocacy for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine": costs include travel and accommodations, materials

• our presence at the California-Pacific Annual Conference session, vital for education and building relationships throughout the Cal-Pac Conference: costs include booth rental and presentation, and educational materials

• travel in our region and the US to work with other justice advocates in the UMC and beyond

100% of your donation will be applied directly to the work of the Holy Land Task Force and you can make a donation through the accounting office of the California-Pacific Conference of the UMC. 

Every donation, regardless of size, makes a difference for us.

You can support our work by mailing a check, made payable to "California-Pacific Conference." 
IMPORTANT: You must include "Holy Land Task Force" in the memo line of the check, for the donation to be directed to us.   It wouldn't hurt to include a note with your check, letting them know this is a donation for the Holy Land Task Force.

The mailing address for your donation is
California-Pacific Conference
P.O. Box 6006
Pasadena, CA 91102-6006
Attention: Accounting Office

When you have made a donation, if you will send us an email about it, we will check on it with our conference accounting office: info@umhltf.org

Thank you for your support of our work!


United Methodist Advance Projects in Israel-Palestine 2008-2012 

The Advance is an official United Methodist program that gives you the opportunity to give to the ministry of your choice. You can donate in any of the following ways: online, through your United Methodist church, by mail, or by phone. Be sure to have the Advance # to designate where your donation should be applied.

Giving Online - takes 2 minutes:

Pick any Advance Project listed below and click on the name. You will be taken to a page to learn more about it. On the right, find the red and white Donate Now button to make a donation right there.

Giving through Your United Methodist Church:
Make your check payable to your local church. Write the name of the ministry and the Advance code number on the check. Drop your gift in any United Methodist church offering plate or give your gift to your church treasurer, so that your church and annual conference will get Advance credit.

Giving by Mail:
Make your check payable to ADVANCE GCFA. Write the name of the ministry and The Advance code number on the check. Send your check to:
    Advance GCFA
    P.O. Box 9068, GPO
    New York, NY 10087-9068

Giving by Phone:
Credit card gifts can be accepted by phone. The telephone number is: (888) 252-6174

Our Guarantee
100% of your gift will go to the ministry you choose. No exceptions.

Give to any of the Advance Projects below to support the United Methodist Church's outreach work and peace with justice advocacy work in Israel and Palestine:

1. Al Quds Charitable Society for Disabled and Special Education: Advance #3020721
Helping the disabled obtain careers and establish their place in society

2. Arab Evangelical Home and School:  Advance #3020444
Constructing a new school building to expand our work with children

3. Awad, Alex Elias:  Advance #10825Z
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Jerusalem
Providing salary support for the Global Ministries' missionary community. 

4. Awad, Brenda Kay:  Advance #10826Z
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Jerusalem
Providing salary support for the Global Ministries' missionary community. 

5. Bethlehem Bible College, Vision 20-20:  Advance #12017A
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Bethlehem
Training Christian leaders to serve the community and stem the decline of churches in the Holy Land 

6. Brown, Kristen: Advance# 3021280

Providing salary support for the Global Ministries' missionary community.

7. Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees - Middle East Council of Churches:  Advance #14908A
Middle East
Advancing human rights, health, education, self-realization, income generation and world recognition 

8. Four Homes of Mercy for the Disabled:  Advance #3020711
Improving the quality of services for 80 severely disabled children, teens and elderly

9. Hope Secondary School:  Advance #12018A
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Beit Jala, West Bank
Giving victims of political unrest and occupation a chance for a better life of faith and tolerance 

10. Jerusalem Church, Renovation:  Advance #14907N
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Jerusalem
Enlarging and paving the parking area, replacing old windows and adding a fellowship area 

11. Jerusalem Infant Welfare Center:  Advance #11544A
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Old City, Jerusalem
Expanding care to respond to a need for free, preventative blood screening for Palestinian children

12. Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children
:  Advance #14238A

Middle East, Israel/Palestine
Acting as a national referral and resource center and a rehabilitation and educational facility 

**13. Lewis, Janet Lahr:  Advance #14183Z
Janet Lewis is The United Methodist Liaison to Israel and Palestine. The UMHLTF is blessed to have her as a member of our Advisory Committee. Please consider supporting Janet's compasionate and powerful witness for peace in the Middle East.
Read Janet's biography in the righthand column>>
Middle East, Israel/Palestine
Providing salary support for the Global Ministries' missionary community. 

14. Mar Elias Peace Study Center:  Advance #3020532
Bringing students from different faith backgrounds to learn about peace and reconciliation

15. Palestine Global Mission Partners:  Advance #10837L
Salary support for nationals in mission

16. Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee:  Advance #629001
Middle East, Israel/Palestine
Providing food for Gaza families and students through growing fruit and vegetables in urban gardens 

17. Sabeel Youth Program:  Advance #14909A
Middle East, Israel/Palestine
Supporting Palestinian Christian youth through trips, Bible study, workshops and volunteering 

18. Shepherd Society: Advance# 3020439

Middle East, Israel/Palestine
Providing short- and long-term humanitarian assistance and development aid to the Palestinian people

19. Wi'am Community Empowerment & Conflict Resolution:  Advance #14910A
Middle East, Israel/Palestine, Bethlehem
Advancing a culture of peace and acceptance while promoting non-violent resolution to conflict  


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

UNRWA provides assistance, protection and advocacy for some 4.7 million registered Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territory, pending a solution to their plight.

Palestine refugees need your support now.

Help us provide education, medical care, food and other essential relief services to Palestine refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Every donation counts.

UNRWA has an online, easy-to-use, and secure way to make a one-time donation, or set up a recurring payment. You might consider $5 or $10 a month as a more affordable way to increase your support. 
Donate online here:  http://www.unrwa.org/etemplate.php?id=14

More about UNRWA
UNRWA provides assistance, protection and advocacy for some 4.7 million registered Palestine refugees in the Middle East.

The Agency’s services encompass education, health care, relief, camp infrastructure and improvement, community support, microfinance and emergency response, including in times of armed conflict.

Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, UNRWA was established by United Nations General Assembly resolution 302 (IV) of 8 December 1949 to carry out direct relief and works programmes for Palestine refugees. The Agency began operations on 1 May 1950.

In the absence of a solution to the Palestine refugee problem, the General Assembly has repeatedly renewed UNRWA's mandate, most recently extending it until 30 June 2011.
UNRWA services

Since its establishment, the Agency has delivered its services both in times of relative calm in the Middle East, and in times of hostilities.

UNRWA’s work exemplifies an international commitment to the human development of Palestine refugees, helping them:

    * acquire knowledge and skills
    * lead long and healthy lives
    * achieve decent standards of living
    * enjoy human rights to the fullest possible extent.

UNRWA is unique in terms of its long-standing commitment to one group of refugees, and its contributions to the welfare and human development of four generations of Palestine refugees. Originally envisaged as a temporary organisation, the Agency has gradually adjusted its programmes to meet the changing needs of the refugees.
Where does UNRWA work?

UNRWA provides education, health, relief and social services to eligible refugees among the 4.7 million registered Palestine refugees in its five fields of operations:

    * Jordan
    * Lebanon
    * Gaza Strip
    * the Syrian Arab Republic
    * the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Some 1.4 million refugees, around one third of the total, live in 58 recognised camps, and UNRWA's services are located in or near these areas.

Unlike other United Nations organisations that work through local authorities or executing agencies, UNRWA provides its services directly to Palestine refugees. It plans and carries out its own activities and projects, and builds and administers facilities such as schools and clinics.

The Agency currently operates or sponsors over 900 installations with nearly 30,000 staff across the five fields. Because UNRWA services such as education and healthcare are the type of services normally provided within the public sector, the Agency cooperates closely with governmental authorities in the area of operations, who also provide some services to Palestine refugees.

Source: http://www.unrwa.org/etemplate.php?id=47


Here at the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, we are working hard every day to end U.S. support for Israel's illegal 43-year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, and to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/ Israel to support human rights, international law, and equality.

If good intentions, passion, and commitment were enough, then we would have accomplished our mission and folded up shop a long time ago.  But, of course, we need resources as well--especially when we're up against such well-funded opponents advocating for ever-greater levels of U.S. support for Israel's human rights abuses of Palestinians.

How much of your own resources are you willing to commit to our effort?  Maybe it's $5 a month, maybe it's $100.  Whatever you can afford, please join our Olive Branch Club and make an ongoing monthly donation to sustain our work by clicking here.
Every donation brings us closer to our goal.  Make your donation here: http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=876

For a limited time, when you sign up to become a member of our Olive Branch Club, we'll send you a DVD of our recent gala awards dinner honoring individuals and organizations working to end Israel's illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.  Watch inspiring and moving speeches by Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), leaders of the Free Gaza Movement, and more.  Watch clips of the event by clicking here.

Now that we've concluded another successful national conference, we've got some exciting new additions to our staff that we'll be announcing over the next few weeks, and we're working on plans to launch a whole new campaign--the Gaza Accountability Project--this fall. Stay tuned!

We're on a roll and you can help us build on this positive momentum by joining our Olive Branch Club today.  By making a monthly, tax-deductible contribution, you'll ensure that we can continue and expand upon our work to end U.S. military aid to Israel, run effective boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns, and much more.

You can read more about all of our recent accomplishments and know that your contribution is money well spent by downloading our 2009-2010 Annual Report by clicking here. (10pp, 1.2MB)

Every visitor who comes to our office asks "Where is the rest of the operation?" because people can't believe that we accomplish so much with so little.

Here's how far your monthly contribution through the Olive Branch Club will go over the course of a year:

Your $5 monthly contribution will send 12 organizing packets to volunteers across the country.

Your $10 monthly contribution will cover printing costs for the resources we put in 25 organizing packets.  

Your $20 monthly contribution will enable us to conduct an organizing and training tour.

Your $50 monthly contribution will pay for our internet connection so that we can communicate with our tens of thousands of supporters.

Your $100 monthly contribution will cover our phones, or electricity, or one month's rent to make all of the work we do possible.

Please sustain the US Campaign by joining our Olive Branch Club today.  We really rely on and appreciate the support of many individual donors such as yourself to make this work possible.  

And don't forget that when you join the Olive Branch Club, we'll send you a DVD of our recent gala awards event "Breaking Israel's Blockade of the Gaza Strip."

The Olive Branch Club:  http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=876