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We Create Opportunity For Farmers and Communities

www.canaanfairtrade.comCanaan Fair Trade uses the fair trade concept to empower marginalized Palestinian rural communities caught in conflict so they can sustain their livelihoods and culture. To that end, we have built direct working relationships with these communities, paying sustainable prices for their agricultural products to ensure fair wages for labor along the supply chain.

We support farmers in enhancing production procedures and product quality, building their capacities to work collectively, and to sell to international markets.

We educate farmers about sustainable practices and support conversion to certified organic production. We ensure sterling quality standards, while implementing social and economic empowerment programs.

Canaan promotes cross-cultural, interfaith, and multi-ethnic connection of all participants in the production and trade processes: workers, farmers, processors, traders, exporters, importers, distributors, and consumers. The idea is to create one community connected by the fair exchange of goods in a cross-cultural setting.

    * Read about our products, our farmers and the story on Canaan's website: www.canaanfairtrade.com

Canaan Fair Trade - Trees for Life

Trees for Life is a grassroots program where you can plant olive trees in Palestine to help keep Palestinians on their land and to offset the enormous destruction of trees by the Israeli occupation. You can read more about Trees for Life under the Giving Back tab on this website. In five years, almost 50,000 trees have been planted! Together we keep Palestine alive.

You can buy shares of three trees for $20 to plant in Palestine in your name or to honor or remember a loved one. Or consider planting olive trees in Palestine for personal carbon offsets! If you purchase shares of trees, you can expect an email from us asking how you would like your certificate inscribed. We will send your personalized certificate, suitable for printing and framing or presenting, to your email address.

When you buy tins of Canaan olive oil a contribution of one dollar for each tin goes to the program.

There has been so much interest in buying trees as gifts, we have set them up as an item, three trees for $20. You can order a share or more on our shopping cart.  Our farmers thank you. Participate in this progam for yourself or as a gift (scroll down that page) >>

Canaan Fair Trade - Interfaith Program

Canaan Fair Trade is pleased to announce its new Interfaith Program for faith communities who sell our Palestinian oil, other food products, and soap as fundraisers.  This is just in time for ordering for summer fairs and later fall bazaars.

Groups who register to become our Interfaith Partners receive a 10% discount on their purchases to be used for their own fundraising activities.  In addition, they can name a Canaan Fair Trade National Partner who will receive a percentage on their sales at the end of the year from Canaan Fair Trade.  Your faith community purchase helps Palestinian farmers, helps your congregation fund projects, and can help support a national faith based organization!  We are delighted that FOSNA (Friends of Sabeel--North America) has become a National Partner.

To register as an Interfaith Partner or to ask questions about the program, contact Lorie Wood, Interfaith Coordinator at Canaan Fair Trade:  lorie@canaanfairtrade.com or (360) 838-7762.


Sindyanna of Galilee


Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is a registered non-profit organization. Led by women striving for a social change, it operates in the Arab population in the Galilee region, northern Israel, and seeks to help growers and producers from the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Furthermore, Sindyanna combines commercial activity with work in the community, thereby enhancing Arab women's empowerment while developing the olive industry. Our focal points stress values such as land preservation, environmental considerations, and commerce on the principle of fair trade.

Sindyanna symbolizes a unique cooperation between Arabs and Jews, striving to strengthen the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population, both in Israel and in the Occupied Territories. Sindyanna is not only a means of helping farmers and growers from the South, but also a way of showing that a solution to the Middle East conflict starts at opening real economic opportunities.

Range of Products
Sindyanna's line of products for 2009 includes the following:

    * Olive oil, organic and non-organic
    * Za'atar mixtures and leaves
    * 5 types of olive oil soap
      + olive wood soap dish
    * Carob syrup
    * Honey
    * Almonds
    * Baskets

Olive Oil - The present stock was produced from the 2008 olive harvest, which has taken place in November-December. Olive oil supply was received from 5 different manufacturers, comprising of family producers of 10 persons or more, who benefit directly from selling their olive oil produce. All our suppliers are farmers from villages in northern Israel, including the western Galilee, Wadi Arra, and the Nazareth area.

Za’atar - Za'atar distributed by Sindyanna is produced by a farmers' cooperative in Jericho. The cooperative has 55 member families, providing them with benefits from selling its products.

Olive Oil Soap - Our soap is produced in Nablus, in the territories of the Palestinian Authority, providing livelihood for 7 families. In addition, we buy olive oil as well as additives to olive oil soap (milk, honey, lemon), from villages near Nablus.

Growers and Producers
Sindyanna of Galilee buys its raw materials from local producers, over 200 families, both in Israel and in the West Bank.

You will find where their products are sold on the internet by going to their Links page:  

Ziyarat az Zeitoun - Visiting the Olives

Source: http://www.afsc.org

There will be oil to heal the wounds, and there will be olive branches to wave when peace arrives.

-Palestinian pastor, Mitri Raheb

Ziyarat az Zeitoun (Arabic for Visiting the Olives) is an educational and advocacy project that highlights Palestinian culture and current political realities on the ground in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through focusing on the Palestinian olive harvest.

Ziyarat az Zeitoun offers resources to individuals and groups to plan gatherings where people can sample and purchase Palestinian olive oil, hear stories of olive harvesting and learn about the situation of Palestinian farmers and solidarity efforts of Israeli and international peace groups.

Why is it important to support the Palestinian olive harvest?

Olive trees have been a part of the Palestinian landscape for thousands of years. They are also the second major crop in Palestine, used to produce olive oil, olive wood and olive based soap. Symbolically, olive trees represent the Palestinian nation and people's ties to the land. More broadly, the olive branches are international symbols of peace and tranquility, needed now more than ever in this devastated part of the world.

For thousands of rural families in Palestine, agriculture is the main economic activity, as well as the major source of food. Every year, olive oil production accounts for 15 to 19% of total agricultural output in Palestine.

Since 2000 and the subsequent tightening of Israeli military closure policies, restrictions of movement and access to water, Palestinian productive capacities have been severely limited. Palestinian olive producers have been brought to the brink of destitution. Prevented from accessing their land, markets and the cities, the farmers are now struggling to make ends meet. Struggling to survive the hard times, families have been spending their savings or relying on loans, sometimes selling land and livestock to buy food or meet emergency needs (Oxfam 2002).

Take Action! Support the Palestinian Olive Harvest 

Organize or attend a Ziyarat az Zeitoun gathering

For more information on organizing a gathering, download the AFSC brochure (200K)

 or contact olives@afsc.org.

Support Palestinian farmers through purchasing Palestinian olive oil

You can purchase fair trade Palestinian olive oil directly over the AFSC website, or you can contact the AFSC office in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.