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  World Week for Peace 2010  
   May 29 - June 4



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      Relations Testy-

"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Elie Wiesel

The message for World Week for Peace 2010 - use it in your church:


It's time for Palestine.
It's time for Palestinians and Israelis to share a just peace.

It's time to respect human lives in the land called holy.
It's time for healing to begin in wounded souls.
It's time to end 60 years of conflict, oppression and fear.
It's time for freedom from occupation.

It's time for equal rights.
It's time to stop discrimination, segregation and restrictions on movement.
It's time for those who put up walls and fences to build them on their own property.
It's time to stop bulldozing one community's homes
and building homes for the other community on land that is not theirs.
It's time to do away with double standards.

It's time for Israeli citizens to have security and secure borders agreed with their neighbours.
It's time for the international community to implement
60 years of United Nations resolutions.
It's time for Israel's government to complete the bargain offered in the Arab Peace Initiative.  
It's time for those who represent the Palestinian people to all be involved in making peace.
It's time for people who have been refugees for 60 years
to regain their rights and a permanent home.  
It's time to assist settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
to make their home in Israel.
It's time for self-determination.

It's time for foreigners to visit Bethlehem and other towns imprisoned by the wall.
It's time to see settlements in their comfort and refugee camps in their despair.
It's time for people living more than 40 years under occupation
to feel new solidarity from a watching world.

It's time to name the shame of collective punishment and to end it in all its forms.
It's time to be revolted by violence against civilians and for civilians on both sides to be safe.
It's time for both sides to release their prisoners and give those justly accused a fair trial.
It's time to reunite the people of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
It's time for all parties to obey international humanitarian and human rights law.

It's time to share Jerusalem as the capital of two nations and a city holy to three religions.
It's time for Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities to be free to visit their holy sites.
It's time in Palestine as in Israel for olive trees to flourish and grow old.

It's time to honour all who have suffered, Palestinians and Israelis.
It's time to learn from past wrongs.
It's time to understand pent-up anger and begin to set things right.
It's time for those with blood on their hands to acknowledge what they have done.
It's time to seek forgiveness between communities and to repair a broken land together.
It's time to move forward as human beings who are all made in the image of God.

All who are able to speak truth to power must speak it.
All who would break the silence surrounding injustice must break it.
All who have something to give for peace must give it.

For Palestine, for Israel, and for a troubled world,
it's time for peace.

(emphasis in bold was added)


"It's Time for Palestine"
Joint action for a just peace convened by
the World Council of Churches
Click here to download this information in a pdf document

Go to the Kairos Palestine Document, a statement from the Churches of Palestine:
"A moment of truth: A word of faith, hope and love  from the heart of Palestinian suffering"

The World Council of Churches is inviting member churches and related organizations to join a week of advocacy, education and prayer for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.  Participants will help make a common international public witness in late May and early June 2010. 

The tragic events in Israel and Palestine continue to call people of faith and goodwill to respond.  Those who share the hope of justice are invited to take peaceful actions, together.

See The Message for World Week for Peace 2010
in the right hand column on this page.

Who are you joining?  
Churches, specialized ministries and parishes in some 40 countries, plus the Pax Christi International network and World Vision International.  Jerusalem's churches and related organizations in Palestine and Israel are at the center of the initiative. 

Volunteers and veterans of the WCC's Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme are involved.  Sabeel is a member of the planning group.   

A growing circle of participants now reaches five continents -- Australia, Philippines, South Africa, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Israel-Palestine.  More are welcome and needed.  

What for? 
To promote a just peace, together. 

During one week, churches in different countries send a clear signal to policy-makers, the public, and their own parishes about the urgent need for a peace settlement that secures the legitimate rights and future of both peoples.  Participants are requested to plan their activities around these points:




1.     Pray with churches living under occupation,
using a special prayer from Jerusalem.

2.     Educate about actions that make for peace and about facts
on the ground that do not, especially settlements in occupied territory.

3.     Advocate with political leaders using ecumenical policies
that promote peace with justice.  

To seek justice for Palestinians so that both Israelis and Palestinians can finally live in peace.  It is now more than 60 years since the partition of Palestine hardened into a permanent nightmare for Palestinians.  It's more than 40 years since the occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza overwhelmed the peaceful vision of one land, two peoples.  Yet the dream of one nation cannot be fulfilled at the expense of another. 

The action week's message is that now
'It's Time for Palestine:  It's time for Palestinians and Israelis to share a just peace; time for freedom from occupation; time for equal rights; and time for the healing of wounded souls." 

Participants lobby their legislators, visit foreign ministries, hold public forums and plant olive trees.  World Week for Peace 2010 includes prayer vigils, special services, and meetings with Muslim and Jewish people on the urgent shared need for a just peace.
      See Resource List below.

o    Engage in prayer, education and advocacy to raise local and national church voices for peace.

o    Join parishes around the world in prayer with Palestinian Christians on Sunday, 30 May, using prayers from the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, Palestinians and Christians worldwide.  (Prayer and other resources are available at www.worldweekforpeace.org).

o    Educate your parish, community and/or public officials about the reality of the conflict and the need for peace.  Make use of the action week message 'It's Time for Palestine' (column on the right).  Spanish, French, Dutch, German and other versions are available.

o    For further information, or to share details about your plans for World Week 2010, please contact Rev. John Calhoun, the convenor of World Week 2010, by email at calhoun.wwppi@gmail.com.  

29 May - 4 June 2010.
It's time for Palestine.  It's time for peace.

Visit the website for the World Week for Peace:

Resources from the
United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force

Download these documents to use at your church or in your community.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open pdf files.
You can download it for FREE at: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Tri-fold brochure in color (pdf file, 820K)
Tri-fold brochure in black & white (pdf file, 436K)
Flyer for publicity in color (pdf file, 504K)
Flyer for publicity in black and white (pdf file, 264K)
Click here to see our flyer online>>
We have only provided below the Sunday bulletin inserts in black and white.
If you would like them in color, just email us and we can send them to you:
Sunday bulletin insert, small (for bulletin pages 7" wide x 8.5" high), in black and white (pdf file, 288K)
Sunday bulletin insert, large (for bulletin pages 8.5" wide x 11" high), in black and white (pdf file, 240K)

More Resources (from the website of WWPPI)

documents to download, websites to visit

Liturgical resources  

  • "Contemporary Way of the Cross" liturgy as prepared by Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre, Jerusalem (pdf, 255 KB).
  • Weekly Wave of Prayer from Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre, Jerusalem.
  • Ecumenical Worship: It's Time for Peace. Features the voices of young Palestinians and Israelis. Inspired by an Irish church leaders' visit to Israel and Palestine, this service of reflections was written for World Week 2009.
  • Song of Lamentation, written and composed by Rev. Susanne Grimheden, Lund, Sweden, based on a text by Bishop Munib Younan, in Jerusalem. Christian Council in Sweden used a Swedish version for World Week 2009.

Educational and advocacy resources


Examples of what churches will be doing:

Links in relation to the action week: