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United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force is a member organization of US Campaign - a coalition of more than 400 groups that are working together to bring an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.  The coalition includes two General Boards of the United Methodist Church, Jewish Voice for Peace, Codepink, and many other faith and secular groups across the US.
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Older Media Releases

As Keys Heads to Israel, African Americans Compare Treatment of Palestinians to Jim Crow South
July 1st, 2013
As a campaign calling on world-famous artist Alicia Keys to cancel her July 4 concert in Israel continued, African Americans, including Angela Davis and actress LisaGay Hamilton, released a statement reaffirming parallels between Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and discrimination against African Americans living under Jim Crow in the United States.

Amidst Israel Boycott Calls, Alicia Keys Removes Palestinian Women’s Youtube Protest Video
June 26th, 2013
Alicia Keys took legal action to remove a popular video from Youtube that depicted Palestinian women protesting Israel’s military occupation to the tune of Keys’ song “This Girl Is on Fire.”

Rights Advocates Visit Alicia Keys’ Brooklyn Charity, Ask Keys to Cancel Israel Show
June 11th, 2013
Press release from the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

International Coalition Criticizes SodaStream Sponsorship of the American Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival
May 15th, 2013
PRESS RELEASE -- As the Cannes Film Festival kicks off, the US Campaign and its Interfaith Boycott Coalition join groups in France, United Kingdom, Finland, and beyond to condemn SodaStream's participation.

Media Release: AIPAC Greeted by D.C. Ads to End Aid to Israel
March 3rd, 2013
The US Campaign and Visualizing Palestine launched an advertising campaign to end U.S. aid to Israel as AIPAC convened in Washington, D.C. for its annual policy conference.

Media Release: Full-Page Print Ad in Roll Call Runs Today: 80,000 to President Obama—Hold Israel Accountable, We Have Your Back.
January 22nd, 2013
Read our media release announcing our full-page ad in the inaugural edition of Roll Call calling on President Obama to hold Israel accountable for misusing U.S. weapons to commit human rights abuses of Palestinians.

MEDIA RELEASE: Veolia Withdraws from California Water Contract Bidding
January 11th, 2013
Following outcry from member group Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights, Veolia withdraws from bidding on contract worth almost 1/3 billion dollars!

MEDIA RELEASE on Stevie Wonder Victory
November 30th, 2012
Legendary Musician Stevie Wonder Cancels Performance for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces Following an International Outcry and Appeals from the United Nations

Media Release: U.S. Should Act to Get Immediate Ceasefire, End Siege of Gaza and Aid to Israel
November 21st, 2012

Media Release: Thousands Call on U.S. Government to Investigate Killing of Human Rights Defender Rachel Corrie
November 16th, 2012

Media Release: Friends Fiduciary Corporation Divests from Hewlett Packard and Veolia, Citing Sales to Israel and Social Concerns
September 25th, 2012


Media Release: American Killed by Israeli Soldier Denied Justice in Investigation Described by Obama Administration as Not "Satisfactory," "Thorough," "Credible," or "Transparent"
August 28th, 2012


Media Release: TIAA-CREF Investments in Human Rights Abuses to Be Challenged at Annual Meeting
July 13th, 2012


Media Release: Report Denounces Weapons to Israel as AIPAC Assembles
March 5th, 2012


Media Release: 125+ Groups & 25,000+ Individuals: Don't Veto Palestinian UN Membership
August 5th, 2011


Media Release: National Orgs. Call on Obama Admin. Not to Veto Palestine UN Membership
July 19th, 2011


Media Release: 101 Organizations Praise Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Decision Not to Visit Israel
June 28th, 2011


Israeli Attack on Free Gaza Boats Violates International Law, Highlights Need to End U.S. Aid to Israel
May 31st, 2010

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation today condemned the Israeli navy’s attack on civilians aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, a convoy of aid ships attempting to deliver rebuilding and medical supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip. The US Campaign calls on U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice to vote today to support a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s action and initiating an investigation.


National Coalition Urges Congress to Vote No Today on 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense
May 19th, 2010

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation today called on Congress to vote no on H.R. 5327, the United States-Israel Missile Defense Cooperation and Support Act, which would begin the process of fast tracking $205 million of U.S. tax-payer money to Israel to purchase ten batteries of the "Iron Dome" missile defense system.


Tax Day Events Highlight Cost of U.S. Military Aid to Israel
April 15th, 2010

On Tax Day, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is organizing a national day of action to highlight the ways in which U.S. tax money is misused by the Israeli military to violate international law and Palestinian human rights. Events will be held at post offices across the United States, including in New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and the Bay Area, as well as at the Washington, DC headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in order to educate taxpayers about the role that U.S. military aid plays in maintaining Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.


World Remembers Rachel Corrie While Her Family Fights for Accountability in Israel
March 16th, 2010

Seven years ago today, U.S. student and peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli soldier driving a Caterpillar D-9R bulldozer while she attempted to nonviolently prevent the demolition of a Palestinian pharmacist’s home in Rafah, Gaza. Now, after a dismissal in U.S. district court and an Israeli investigation that the U.S. State Department characterized as not “thorough, credible, [or] transparent,” Rachel’s family is seeking justice through the Israeli court system as plaintiffs in a civil trail over Rachel’s unlawful killing in the Gaza Strip.


US Billions to Israel
March 11th, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden said: "I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem." He also stated that the U.S. will hold Israel "accountable for any statements or actions that inflame tensions or prejudice the outcome of talks." Josh Ruebner, National advocacy director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation: "Official written U.S. policy, which is based on the Fourth Geneva Convention, deems Israel's colonization of Palestinian land as 'inconsistent with international law.'"


U.S. Must Follow Up Calls for Israeli Accountability with Concrete Steps
March 10th, 2010

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (US Campaign) welcomed today Vice President Joe Biden's statement "condemn[ing] the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem" and his promise that the United States will hold Israel "accountable for any statements or actions that inflame tensions or prejudice the outcome of talks."


New Site Details Budgetary Trade-Offs of Military Aid to Israel
February 9th, 2010

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation launched today a new interactive website--How Much Military Aid to Israel?--that details the estimated amount of taxes that each state and county in the United States will provide in military aid to Israel during the course of a ten-year $30 billion agreement signed between the two countries in 2007. The US Campaign plans to launch data for Congressional districts and cities later this week. The website also documents budgetary trade-offs that are involved in providing military aid to Israel.


U.S. Must Hold Israel Accountable for Lack of Real Settlement Freeze
November 25th, 2009

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation welcomed today Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell's statement that Israel's partial settlement moratorium "falls short of a full settlement freeze," but challenged the Obama Administration's assertion that the partial settlement moratorium "is more than any Israeli Government has done before," noting that Israeli Prime Ministers and governments have pledged at least five times since 1978 to freeze settlements (see below for documentation).


National Coalition Criticizes Congressional Vote on Goldstone Report
November 4th, 2009

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation-a national coalition of more than 300 organizations working to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law and equality-criticized today the House of Representatives for passing H.Res.867 by a vote of 344 to 36 with 22 abstentions.


150+ Orgs. Urge U.S. to Vote for Goldstone Report on Gaza
September 25th, 2009

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation sent an open letter today to Ambassador Susan Rice, Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations, urging the United States to vote in favor of the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict in the UN Human Rights Council on September 29.


Chicago Event to Feature President of UN General Assembly, Prominent Palestinian Analysts Khalidi and Barghouti
September 2nd, 2009

Prof. Rashid Khalidi, Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University, and Omar Barghouti, Palestinian political commentator and human rights activist, will be the featured speakers at a public event September 12, 2009, at First United Methodist Church Chicago Temple in Chicago, from 7:00 - 10:00 PM. In addition, the event will feature a special recorded message from Father Miguel d'Escoto, President of the United Nations General Assembly, on the last night of his term of office.






Challenging US Policy

The United States supports Israeli occupation and apartheid through military aid, diplomatic backing at the U.N., and resolutions in Congress. The US Campaign works to change U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinians to support human rights, international law, and equality.

Military Aid to Israel

Learn about the moral and financial costs of providing weapons to Israel and join our campaign to end U.S. military aid to Israel.

Congressional Advocacy

View our Congressional Report Card, join our CDC-- Congressional  District Coordinator--network, and get resources.


Momentum Builds for U.S. Investigation of Israel’s Killing of Rachel Corrie
by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director
October 11th, 2012

Nine national organizations join more than 9,000 individuals urging the United States to investigate Israel's killing of Rachel Corrie and its injuring and killing of additional U.S. human rights defenders. Take action for accountability and justice for them.

Open Letter to State Department: Verdict in Corrie Case Requires U.S. Investigation
October 11th, 2012

Read our open letter to the State Department urging a U.S. investigation into Rachel's death and Israel's injuring and killing of other U.S. human rights defenders. Organizations are invited to endorse this letter.


Boycott & Divestment Campaigns

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call to the world to apply boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it upheld international law. Signed by over 170 Palestinian coalitions, unions, refugee groups, human rights and social justice groups, in the occupied territories, within Israel, and in exile, this call is truly representative of the support that the Palestinian people believe they must have to survive and achieve their rights.

The US Campaign National Assembly of member groups voted to endorse the call shortly thereafter, at the 2005 National Organizers Conference. Academic & Cultural Boycott were endorsed in at the 2009 conference.

Prior to and since the call, the National Assemblies have endorsed multiple BDS campaigns targeting Caterpillar, Motorola, Veolia, Ahava Beauty Products, the We Divest Campaign (calling on financial giant TIAA-CREF to divest), and various faith-based and campus-based divestment initiatives.

You can read the full Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions here.

"We Divest" Campaign Asking TIAA-CREF to Divest

“We Divest” is a campaign to compel retirement fund giant TIAA-CREF to stop investing in companies that profit from the Israeli occupation, including: Caterpillar, Motorola, Veolia, Northrop Grumman, and Elbit Systems. The campaign was launched by Jewish Voice for Peace, endorsed by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation at its 2010 national organizers conference, and has been taken on by groups around the country in a diverse coalition including the American Friends Service Committee, Grassroots International, and Adalah-NY, among others. Learn why “We Divest” stands out as one of the most important and accessible divestment campaigns in the country today!

Hang Up on Motorola

In 2008, the US Campaign brought to the attention of Motorola its complicity in Israel's human rights violations and military occupation and call on the corporation to cease producing and selling equipment to the Israeli army to prevent its involvement in future abuses. The US Campaign launched and is coordinating a national consumer boycott of Motorola cell phones to raise awareness of its profiteering from human rights abuses and to tarnish its corporate image for doing so.

Caterpillar Campaign

The company which best exemplifies the interest of US corporations in the Occupation and the complete refusal to address human rights concerns in the region is Caterpillar. The most destructive weapon of the Occupation may not be an F-16 or helicopter gunship, but rather, an armor plated D-9 or D-11 bulldozer. These are the machines that have demolished thousands of homes, uprooted countless olive trees, and carved gaping holes in roads, making them impassable. Even when used in Israel’s colonial intrusions on the land through construction of illegal housing or bypass roads, CAT equipment is being used daily in the commission of war crimes and violations of human rights.

Stolen Beauty - Ahava Boycott

Ahava is an Israeli cosmetics company that extracts resources from and operates in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Join our boycott pressuring Ahava to respect international law.

BDS on Campus

Resources, strategies, and networks to help campus BDS campaigns succeed.

Occupation Free Faith Communities Network

An Occupation Free Faith Community commits to take specific advocacy steps to bring about a just peace in Israel/Palestine. Occupation Free Congregations can be churches, mosques, synagogues, or temples. Or they can be particular committees, taskforces, or boards within these communities that focus on Israel/Palestine or on peace and social justice issues. They can be Bible study groups, clergy groups, or campus ministries. Or they can be regional groupings of faith communities, or interfaith organizations. Regardless of size, they are an integral part of the effort to change U.S. policy and bring about a just peace in Israel/Palestine.

Academic & Cultural Boycott

Academic and cultural boycotts are an important part of pressuring states in violation of International Law. Please use the resources from our member group the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel to learn more about getting involved in academic and cultural boycott campaigns.

Boycott & Divestment Resources

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is supporting a nation-wide municipal and state Boycott & Divestment Project. This initiative was voted a top priority for national mobilization by activists on the Campaign listserv.

Boycott & Divestment Action Alert Archives

Boycott & Divestment Days of Action (2002-2011)

Help Save (the) Amazon

Take the boycott movement to the online retail industry and "save (the) amazon." Help us tell occupation-supporting companies exactly what we think of their products through Amazon product reviews.

Quakers Divest from Veolia and Hewlett Packard!
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer

Friends Fiduciary Corporation becomes the first U.S. national fund to drop HP and Veolia, citing sales to Israel and social concerns.

U.S. Veolia Campaigns Put the Occupation on Trial!
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer

This is what the future of the U.S. movement could look like. Take action today.

Member Groups Join the Global BDS Day of Action!
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
April 11th, 2012

Support Historic Methodist & Presbyterian Church Divestment Resolutions!
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
January 26th, 2012

Tearing Down the Walls from Occupy Oakland to Occupied Palestine
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
November 1st, 2011

Join International Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9-16!

BDS Blossoms Across U.S. on Palestinian Land Day!
April 7th, 2011

Learn about the exciting BDS events that took place across the country on March 30, 2011, commemorating Palestinian Land Day, and get inspired to undertake BDS actions in your community.


Standing Against Apartheid

As the Israeli “matrix of control” tightened its grip on the occupied Palestinian territories, with peoples and land separated by the separation wall barriers, settler-only roads, and tunnels it became impossible to ignore the apartheid nature of Israel’s occupation. Palestinian citizens of Israel face some 20 laws that discriminate against them, much as Black Americans had been treated during the Jim Crow era. Palestinian refugees and exiles continue to be denied the right to return while Israel’s Law of Return enables Jews from anywhere in the world to settle in Israel. In 2006, the US Campaign Assembly overwhelmingly resolved to adopt the language of apartheid and Jim Crow segregation in describing Israeli policies towards Palestinians. US Campaign staff and volunteers created powerful posters, fact sheets, and other resources to support member groups in their work.

Take Action

Find out how to get involved with anti-apartheid events and initiatives around the country.

Separate Is Never Equal: Stories of Apartheid from South Africa and Palestine

This national speaking tour brought internationally recognized human rights advocates Rev. Eddie Makue and Diana Buttu to 11 U.S. cities from November 10th to 23rd, 2008. During the tour, we had public events and private meetings on10 campuses, 12 with faith communities, met with 3 congressional offices – find out more about the tour and what we achieved.

In the News

The debate about Israeli Apartheid policies is making headlines globally. Check out what people are saying here.

Standing Against Apartheid Action Alert Archive

Standing Against Apartheid Resources

Member Group Resources on Apartheid

Find out what resources are available from our Member Organization using the Anti-Apartheid framework.


Commemorating the Nakba

2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the Nakba (“Catastrophe,” in Arabic): the dispossession and forced exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their ancestral land before and during the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of this tragic event, the US Campaign will produce and distribute popular educational materials about the Nakba and its continuing relevance for resolving the Palestinian refugee issue and establishing a just and lasting peace.

Expressions of Nakba

The US Campaign is sponsoring a multi-media artistic competition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nakba.

Nakba Day (2009)

Memorialize the dispossession and forced exile of Palestinians during the 1948 founding of Israel. We remember the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) on May 15 each year.

Member Group al-Nakba Resources

Educate your community about al-Nakba. Use the following resources, which include fact sheets, maps showing Palestinian Diaspora, testimony from al-Nakba survivors and much more.